Shnuggle White Grey Bath XYhY5W

Shnuggle White Grey Bath XYhY5W

Shnuggle White Grey Bath

The SHNUGGLE bath makes baby bath times easier and safer. The beautiful design with smooth curves and flowing roll top is perfectly shaped for your baby from birth (stage 1) right up to 12 months (stage 2) the bathtub features an integrated bum bump which helps to support your baby while they recline in the early months, giving you both hands free to wash and play with baby. When baby starts to sit forward (stage 2), the bum bump gives support and confidence making bath time more fun. The large foam backrest is soft and warm to touch, making bath time more comfortable and when used with bath water at the ideal temperature of 100f, your baby can enjoy a longer bath without getting cold. The small size makes it ideal to use in the bath, shower, kitchen sink or on the floor and as it is lightweight to easily carry when filled with water. There are rubber feet on the base for safety and the bath is fully compliant with all applicable safety regulations. More useful than a bath seat such as angel care and sink supports like the blooming bath and puja tub as baby can use the SHNUGGLE bath up to 12 months. A more ergonomic seating position than other tubs like skip hop Moby and fisher price whale tub. Designed in the up and winner of the international red dot design award.

Shnuggle White Grey Bath XYhY5W
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