Moebe Frame A2 mMQtz1

Moebe Frame A2 mMQtz1

Moebe Frame A2

The hanging Frame frame, designed by Moebe, is a kind of frame outline. Focused on its functionality, it is meant to be as simple, as bare as possible, in order to highlight the drawing, the photograph, the fragment of life that it exposes and that is dear to your heart. The transparency brought by the two sheets of glass that compose it forms like a case around what it contains. It is a simple rubber band that holds the aluminium uprights as well as the glass plates. It is also used for hanging. Its extreme simplicity gives this frame a timelessness that will adapt naturally to any interior. In the spirit of Moebe's research, it allows you to concentrate on the essential: the work or the memory it holds.

Moebe Frame A2 mMQtz1
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