Baguette Baker Burgundy 5WqgLp

Baguette Baker Burgundy 5WqgLp

Baguette Baker Burgundy

The new ceramic baguette baker from Emile henry bakes three, 131/2inch long by 21/4inch wide, artisanal French baguettes. The baguette baker traps steam from the baking bread to create an environment similar to a steam-injected oven. The steam gives the bread a crunchy, golden crust and a chewy interior. The baguette baker simplifies the process so home bakers have more consistent, delicious results every time they make bread. A recipe book is included with the product so even a novice baker will be confident in baking bread at home. The baker, made in France from burgundy clay.

Baguette Baker Burgundy 5WqgLp
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